AgustaWestland and Embraer sign a MOU to build helicopters in Brazil

What do you get when Italians, Brazilians and Brits join together? We will find out soon when AgustaWestland teams up with Embraer to build helicopters in Brazil. The two have signed a MOU to build twin engine, medium lift helicopters.

While some of these may join Sao Paulo’s fleet of around 500 helicopters or go into military service, the real aim is to capitalise on Brazil’s growing offshore industry. Petrobras has just submitted plans for more offshore projects and everyone agrees that Brazil can only become an even more important helicopter market.
AgustaWestland already has joint ventures with NATO Helicopter Industries; China’s AVIC II; the Libyan Company for Aviation Industry; as well as planned joint ventures with Russia’s Oboronprom; and India’s Tata. Add to that co-operations with: Boeing; Kawasaki Heavy Industries; South Africa’s Denel; Turkey’s TAI; and Poland’s PZL-Swidnik; and you have to really admire AgustaWestland’s management team for being able to cope with 10, very different partners. Brazil should be easy.

Alasdair Whyte

Alasdair launched Corporate Jet Investor and Helicopter Investor in 2010. He has more than 15 year's experience as a financial journalist and has specialised in aviation for much of this time. As well as editing the website, Alasdair helps to organise our international conferences and events. He also regularly chairs them as well as other industry gatherings.

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