Bell Flight celebrates 85 years of innovation

Bell 525 Ship 15 62015 Air to Air 25. Courtesy of Bell.

Bell Flight has completed 85 years in the industry this past July. The company was founded by Larry Bell in 1935.

Duncan van de Velde, Bell’s MD, Europe & Russia, said: “Having more than 1,098 Bell aircraft in Europe across military, corporate, parapublic, search and rescue and cargo transport sectors over the years, we have a strong base to build on.

With mobility trends such as air taxis capturing the imaginations of communities across the region, our role as a company will be to evolve our approach in the development of new flight systems.”

Bell currently has a suite of products in development including the Nexus air taxi concept, which aims to revolutionise the urban commute. Another product in development is the Autonomous Pod Transport (APT) that will carry nearly 43% more payload than the 32 kg-capacity APT 70.

Bell’s executive Vice President, Strategic Communications and Government Affairs, Robert Hastings said the company is open to any technology, opportunity, or service model that will help society become more mobile or more effective in the vertical dimension.

Read more about Bell’s maintenance expansion in Europe here.

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