Airbus Helicopters EC130: Buyer’s and Investor’s Guide

Airbus Helicopters EC130 can be used in for many different roles including airborne law enforcement, search and rescue, offshore, VIP executive and EMS missions.

Introduction: The EC130 T2 was launched at Heli-Expo 2012 in Dallas. The EC130 T2 will become the base model of the EC130 following on from the EC130 B4 and the helicopter is effectively a wide cabin version of an AS350 B3 helicopter. The wide cabin layout with large door allows two stretchers and attendants to be carried in EMS configuration. Airbus Helicopters showcased the new EC130 T2 model at Helitech 2013 in London, the company displayed it to customers the week prior to the show, giving them aerial demonstrations and giving some the chance to fly the helicopter themselves.

Missions: Airborne Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Offshore, Executive, EMS

First delivery: 2001

Category:  Single Engine

List price: Approx $2.1m


Maximum speed (Vne): 155 kts 287 km/hr

Maximum cruise speed (Vh): 130 kts 240 km/hr

Hover ceiling, In-Ground Effect (TOP): ? ft ? m

Hover ceiling, Out-of-Ground Effect (TOP): ? ft ? m

Service ceiling: 15,655 ft 4,770 m

Maximum Range: 329 nm/610 km (no reserve)


Maximum takeoff weight: 5,351 lb 2,427 kg

Empty weight: 3,036 lb 1,377 kg

Useful load: 2,215 lb 1,050 kg

Passengers (crew): Six (one pilot)

Terry Spruce

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