FSI AW139 FFS will include glass mirror display

FSI AW139 FFSFlightSafety
International has announced that its new Level D qualified AgustaWestland AW139
full flight simulator will feature the company’s latest advances in simulation
technology including a 220° x 60°
field of view glass mirror display.

FlightSafety’s latest advances in technology into our Level D qualified
simulators will significantly enhance the training we provide,” said Bruce
Whitman, president and chief executive. “This investment demonstrates our
commitment and ability to provide the highest quality professional training
using industry-leading simulation technology.”

“FlightSafety’s glass mirror displays provide superior optical
performance, sharper image clarity, long term reliability, and are night vision
capable.  The true collimated images they present are free of visible
distortions and artifacts out to mirror edge and “ground rush” distortion in
the bottom field of view,” said Rick Armstrong, vice president, simulation.

AgustaWestland AW139 simulator will also feature a Honeywell EPIC avionics
system that integrates a 4-axis digital AFCS with the rotor systems to provide
complete auto pilot functionality.  The EICAS system provides engine and
systems monitoring capabilities resulting in a comprehensive casualty and
alerting system for the pilots.  The simulator is scheduled to enter
service at the company’s learning centre in Lafayette,
Louisiana in 2013 following Level
D qualification.

Terry Spruce

Terry is Senior News Editor and writes for both Corporate Jet Investor and Helicopter Investor. He is also responsible for our helicopter guides. Terry has been an aviation enthusiast since the early 1970s. He is a lapsed Private Pilot and ex-Piper Cherokee owner. He has flown a number of light aircraft and is comfortable sitting in the co-pilot's seat or the back of any aircraft. Before moving to journalism he was a banker for 20 years. You can contact him at: terry@corporatejetinvestor.com or follow him on twitter @Terry_Spruce

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