Indra EC175 flight simulator completed for service set-up

The Airbus Helicopters EC175 flight simulator is completed by Indra. he simulator will be located at the training facility at Marignane, France.
Airbus Helicopters EC175 full-flight simulator (Credit: Indra)

Airbus Helicopters EC175 full-flight simulator (Photo: Indra).

The Airbus Helicopter EC175 full-flight simulator built by Indra has been completed and in the next few months, Airbus will start to offer in-service pilot training at the company’s training services facility at Marignane in France.

“Pilots will be able to practice all required operational tasks and procedures in normal and emergency situations, both flight and mission related,” said Indra Carlos Suárez, vice president of Indra.

“Developing this project represents a good opportunity for Indra, as we look forward for a bright future for the EC-175, with growing sales worldwide,” added Suárez.

In addition to the Level D full-flight simulator, a flight navigation procedure training (FNPT) also built by Indra will be installed at the Airbus Helicopters Training Services centre in Marignane.

“Our significant investment in these training tools underscores Airbus Helicopters’ commitment to a high level of service and support for EC175 users,” said Guillaume Faury, president of Airbus Helicopters. “By offering quality training, operators of this new-generation helicopter will be able to fly safely and efficiently – fully benefitting from the EC175’s modern systems and avionics.”

Terry Spruce

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