Nanco Helicopters works with JDA Aviation Technology Solutions

JDA Aviation Technology Solutions will assist Nanco Helicopters achieving certification.
Nanco Helicopters Robinson R44 Raven (Credit: Clint Robert)

Nanco Helicopters Robinson R44 Raven (Photo: Clint Robert).

JDA Aviation Technology Solutions will use its trademarked 135Pro support programme to help obtain Part 135 certification for Nanco Helicopters, a start-up charter operator based in Boise, Idaho.

The programme is designed to lower costs and streamline processes in gaining the Part 135 certificate. Nanco Helicopters operates a Robinson R44 Raven and offer aerial tours, photography, flight training, surveying and agriculture.

“As a new 135 operator I needed expert advice and assistance with the certificate process and JDA offered the best package and experience. I needed to be certain that I could get my operating certificate as efficiently as possible and JDA provided the best solution,” said Taylor Nancarrow, president and & CEO of Nanco Helicopters.

“As a former FAA Executive of the agency’s flight programme, I understand the unique challenges that face new 135 operators.  JDA’s 135Pro, with its focus on mentoring and training company personnel as well as coordination and interface with the FAA, minimises the challenges new 135 operators face in getting certified. We pride ourselves in supporting the client every step of the way,” said Tom Stuckey, JDA vice president of Business and Commercial Aviation Solutions and manager of the 135Pro programme.

Terry Spruce

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