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Erickson extends Peru contract

Erickson Incorporated has a two-year service contract extension between Repsol Exploracion Peru and Sucursal Del Peru and for air cargo transportation by helicopter. The two-year agreement beginning January 2016, for Erickson to provide one...

Erickson introduces S-64 Aircrane enhancements

Erickson has introduced newly designed and certified enhancements for the S-64 Aircrane. The upgrades aim to improve situational awareness for pilots. ALSO READ: Michael Williams joins as Alaskan regional manager Part of the enhancements...

Erickson adds two members to board

Erickson Incorporated, a manufacturer and operator of commercial helicopters, has made a number of leadership changes, appointing Gary Scott, a director of the company, as chairman of the board, and also adding Jeff Roberts,...

Erickson Air-Crane buys Evergreen Helicopters

Erickson Air-Crane buys Evergreen Helicopters

Erickson Air-Crane Incorporated announced that it has executed a stock purchase agreement for the purchase of Evergreen Helicopters from Evergreen International Aviation.