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There is no helicopter leasing bubble

It is easy to be dismissive when industries like helicopter leasing suddenly become fashionable. But just because a product or sector suddenly attracts attention it does not mean that we are witnessing a helicopter...

Helicopter leasing is more than just Milestone

The winner of our Helicopter Financier of the Year, Milestone Aviation Group has grown quickly, signed-up lots of assets and made a big impact. But if you are looking for helicopter leases here are the contact details for four other specialist  international helicopter leasing companies you may not know.

Data: Significant helicopter private equity investments

Data: Significant helicopter private equity investments

Heli Investor tracks all significant helicopter company financial transactions including investments into helicopter operators and service providers. The main trend since 2005 has been one of private equity backed companies buying up other operators. This is most noticeable with Spain’s Inaer which has acquired six sizeable operators in the last three years.