Vector Aerospace announces continued support for Bond Australia

Vector Financial Services, the leasing division of Vector Aerospace Corporation, announces the extension of leasing and support agreements.
Bond Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma

Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma.

Vector Financial Services based in Dublin, Ireland announced an extension of agreements for two Vector-owned Airbus Helicopters AS332L aircraft with Bond Helicopters Australia.

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John Boag, managing director of Bond Helicopters Australia, said: “The Vector team understands the level of support our operations need and are committed to delivering the quality of service we demand. We have been working with Vector on MRO activities for years and are pleased to extend this to the leasing programme.”

Balkiz Sarihan, VP of business development and strategy at Vector Aerospace, said: “Vector is excited to expand its partnership with Bond and the Avincis Group in the continued support of their operations.  The Vector Super Puma AS332L aircraft have already been supporting Bond in their Australian operations and we are delighted to continue this relationship.”

“Bond’s outstanding reputation and commitment to service delivery are evident in the quality of their operations and their continued success in the region,” Sarihan added.

Vector Aerospace offers Airbus Helicopters AS332L Super Pumas to the market on affordable short to medium-term leases. Vector also provides maintenance, repair and overhaul services as well as modification and customisation programmes for Super Puma helicopters from our facilities in North America and the UK.

Terry Spruce

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