2012 was a record year for helicopter manufacturers

Many industries will want to forget 2012, but when writing about helicopter OEMs it  is hard to avoid overusing the word record in a good way.

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AgustaWestland and Embraer sign a MOU to build helicopters in Brazil

What do you get when Italians, Brazilians and Brits join together? Well we should find out soon when AgustaWestland teams up with Embraer to build helicopters in Brazil. The two have signed a MOU to build twin engine, medium lift helicopters.

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Why commercial aircraft financiers should look at business jets and helicopters

Commercial aircraft are great assets to finance. However, your aircraft financing skills are transferable to other markets including business jets and larger utility helicopters (we are not talking about small owner pilot ones). Lots of your competitors are looking at

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Opinion: First Milestone in business jet and helicopter leasing

When Richard Santulli launched his NetJets fractional ownership scheme it did not take long for others to follow.  It will be the same with Milestone Aviation his new helicopter and business jet lessor.

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