London 2020 agenda

We are currently working on the agenda. If you are interested in speaking at this event, please contact Louise Bolton or call +44 1737 844 383 / +1 800 757 8059.

Monday 24th February

18.00 Welcome night cocktail reception hosted by JSSI

Tuesday 25th February

08.15  Registration and refreshments hosted by Pratt & Whitney Canada

09.00    Opening remarks
Alasdair Whyte, Helicopter Investor

09.05    Helicopters 2020: The death of the asset class has been overstated
The new market
Managing supply: What OEMs have done well
Supporting operators
Mike Platt, LCI Aviation

09.25 Growing the VIP, taxi, yacht and sightseeing markets
Making helicopters mainstream
The reality of Urban Air Mobility today
Moderator: Emmanuel Dupuy, Aero Asset
Frederic Aguettant, Helipass
Nitin Sareen, Airbus Corporate Helicopters
Neil Sierens, Starspeed
Nigel Watson, Luviair

10.05 NHV – Growing in tough markets
Super mediums versus heavies
Diversifying from off-shore
Steffen Bay, NHV

10.25 The utility of super medium helicopters in Search and Rescue – Leonardo AW189 in UK SAR
Russ Torbet CBE, Director, UK Search and Rescue, Bristow Helicopters Limited

10.45 Morning coffee hosted by Milestone Aviation

11.15   “Lest we forget”
Disciplined investment for a sustainable industry
Cory Hitte, Milestone Aviation

11.35  Return to lender: Managing lease and loan returns
What are the main pain points?
Planned versus unplanned returns
What can be done to make the process less painful?
Moderator: Edward Gross, Vedder Price
Terri Foley, LCI 
Kieran Hannan, Milestone Aviation
Todd Wolynski, White & Case
Zohar Zik, HFW

12.15   The value and evolution of large cabin rotorcraft
Audrey Brady, Sikorsky

12.35    Lunch hosted by ITC-AeroLeasing

14.05    Is VTOL the future of rotary flight?
Cutting through the hype: How big is the market? 
Which companies will build VTOLs?
Scott Drennan, Bell Flight

14.25    Managing older assets
The importance of maintenance reserves
Storing older helicopters
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Helicopter Investor
Steve Hanna, Protective Packaging Corp
Joseph Hawke, Uniflight Global
Ed Washecka, RACE Aviation Partners

14.50 Supporting Growth & Transformation in the Helicopter Industry
Nicolas Chabée, Pratt & Whitney Canada

15.10    The state of the pre-owned market
Demand for different models
How to move metal fast
Emmanuel Dupuy, Aero Asset

15.30    First look at the merger of Bristow and Era
Strategic and financial rationale
How the new company will look
Chris Bradshaw, Era Group

15.50   Afternoon tea sponsored by Milestone Aviation

16.20    Top of the ops: The leasing market in 2020
Were initial assumptions wrong or is this just a tough market?
How will the helicopter leasing market look in 10 years?
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Helicopter Investor
Stephen Cook, Macquarie Rotorcraft
Crispin Maunder, LCI
Pat Sheedy, Milestone Aviation
Bill Wolf, Lobo Leasing

17.00 What is my portfolio worth?
The misuse of Fair Market Values
Minding the GAAP (or IFRS)
Sharon Desfor, HeliValue$

17.20 Is consolidation the answer?
Joseph Hawke, Uniflight Global

17.40 Lessons from recent restructurings
When do economies of scale stop?
How much has the industry changed?
Is this the end of Chapter 11 filings for now?
David Fowkes, Imperial Capital
Michael Cox, Seabury Consulting
Imran Hayat, CHC Helicopters
Dan Roberts, Lobo Leasing

18.20 Closing remarks

18.25 Cocktail reception sponsored by Aero Asset

20.00    Dealmakers Dinner hosted by Airbus, JSSI, Vedder Price


Wednesday 26th February

08.30 Registration and breakfast hosted by Leonardo Helicopters

09.00 Opening remarks
Alasdair Whyte, Helicopter Investor

09.05    Helicopter Investor 2030: Predicting the next 10 years
What are the big trends shaping the market?
What type of companies will be winners and losers?
Ed Washecka, RACE Aviation Partners   

09.25 Why now is the time to finance rotary assets
Better risk and reward versus fixed wing
Lending at the bottom of the cycle
Opportunities with lessors, operators and OEMs
Moderator: Moderator: Rex Rosales, Herbert Smith Freehills
Andy Blundell, Close Brothers Aviation & Marine
John Heskin,
CIT Aerospace & Defense Finance
Shaun Pickering, NatWest

10.05  Forecasting in Turbulence
Sara Dhariwal,  Ascend by Cirium                   

10.25   Morning coffee hosted by Pratt & Whitney Canada

11.00 Where there is smoke – the rise of firefighting helicopters
Why climate change means that the global fleet is set to expand
Managing unpredictable demand
Moderator: Mike Stones, Helicopter Investor
Mark Clancy, HelicopterBuyer
Roy Knaus,
Heli Austria

11.40 What brokers actually do and why it is not what you think
Engineering deals
Real case studies
Changing the perception
Jean-Marc Youkhana, Uplifting Aviation

12.00 Are there any green shoots in the off-shore market?
Are customers using helicopters differently? Rota patterns, staffing numbers
Which Helicopters are winning offshore?
Forecasting offshore demand
Steve Robertson, Air & Sea Analytics

12.20    Lunch hosted by Leonardo Helicopters

13.50    Finding debt and investors
The pros and cons of self-funding versus borrowing
Getting a diversified lending group
Selling the asset class to wary credit committees
Moderator: Clark McGinn, Uplifting Advice
Russell Christopher, Thora Capital
Jaspal Jandu, LCI
Mirika Nakayama, ITC-AeroLeasing
Olivier Piot, Nova Capital
Ed Washecka, RACE Aviation Partners

14.30 The future for off-shore lift
Balancing the offshore ecosystem
Is the current state sustainable?
Is now the time to rethink contracts?
Is anyone winning?
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Helicopter Investor
Tony Cramp, Shell Aircraft

Alistair Henderson, Lobo Leasing
Steve Robertson, Air & Sea Analytics

15.10 Moving metal: Thinking outside the box
Finding buyers around the world
Reconfiguring helicopters for different missions
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Helicopter Investor
Mark Clancy, HelicopterBuyer
Nadav Kessler, Asian Sky Group
Will Sturm, AeroAsset

15.50 Afternoon tea hosted by Pratt & Whitney Canada

The rules of helicopter values
How have past assumptions stacked up?
How to value aircraft when there are few datapoints?
Where are
Moderator: Gerald Deterne, Airbus
Richard Berkemeier, Pegasus Aircraft Appraisal Group
Max Buirski, Asian Sky Group
Alastair Fallon, IBA Group
Sara Dhariwal,  Cirium

17.00 Clark’s half hour – Summer is coming
But the cheerful Spring came kindly on,
And show’rs began to fall;
John Barleycorn got up again,
And sore surpris’d them all.
Clark McGinn, Uplifting Advice

17.30 Closing comments

17.35    End of conference