A2B Heli Maintenance opens Oxford base

A2B Heli Maintenance is a newly-established EASA Part 145 independent commercial helicopter maintenance company.
The A2B team at London Oxford Airport. (left to right): Ty Corley; Andrew Bloxham; Andrew Barry and Andre James

The A2B Heli Maintenance team at London Oxford Airport. Left to right: Ty Corley, Andrew Bloxham, Andrew Barry and Andre James

A2B Heli Maintenance has began providing maintenance for commercial helicopters from a newly-refurbished hangar at London Oxford Airport.

The company is part of the A2B Aero Group and will also showcase its range of services at the Helitech International event at London Excel next week.

“We realised that whilst A2B Aero offered an unparalleled service in the current business streams (CAMO, training and consultancy), there was still a shortage of unique and competitive maintenance services, especially in the helicopter sector,” said managing director Andy Bloxham. “The expansion into helicopter maintenance is a significant move for A2B Aero, which set up in 2010.  We have added more resources to the team and are pleased to be offering  a wider portfolio of competencies than ever before.”

James Dillon-Godfray, business development director at London Oxford Airport, added: “We are delighted to welcome the A2B team to Oxford whose presence brings increased capability on the rotary front, which complements our fixed wing MRO service providers. As the Barclays London Heliport Operator we’ve seen a significant number of jet users embrace rotary operations, and we can now offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ for jets and helicopters at Oxford. The significant incentives we offer to use both the airport and the heliport in conjunction, adds to the overall value of what London Oxford Airport has to offer as a business aircraft base.”

Terry Spruce

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