Airbus Helicopters Canada delivers four H130s to Niagara Helicopters

Airbus Helicopters Canada has delivered four H130 aircraft to Niagara Helicopters based in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

The new helicopters will fly sightseeing tours over the Niagara Falls.

Romain Trapp, president and CEO of Airbus Helicopters Canada said: “It is a privilege to be working with Niagara Helicopters, who has established a world-renowned reputation in the flightseeing industry.”

“The selection and introduction of the H130 by Niagara Helicopters is a tremendous commitment to Airbus and we are very proud of this new partnership,” added Trapp.

The H130 is a light single-engine helicopter that can accommodate one pilot plus up to 7 passengers.

Anna Pierce, vice president and general manager of Niagara Helicopters said: “We are confident the inclusion of the H130 aircraft will further our goals for providing an enhanced, safer overall customer experience while significantly reducing the noise imprint for the community and visitors to Niagara Falls. Outstanding visibility, low noise signature and the additional safety of the Fenestron Tail rotor are a winning combination for our operation.”

Niagara Helicopters will be using the new H130 aircraft for sightseeing operations, charter flights, aerial surveillance, film and photography, external loads and other specialty flying in and around the Niagara Region.

Here is a very short video of how quiet the H130 helicopter is.

Terry Spruce

Terry is Senior News Editor and writes for both Corporate Jet Investor and Helicopter Investor. He is also responsible for our helicopter guides. Terry has been an aviation enthusiast since the early 1970s. He is a lapsed Private Pilot and ex-Piper Cherokee owner. He has flown a number of light aircraft and is comfortable sitting in the co-pilot's seat or the back of any aircraft. Before moving to journalism he was a banker for 20 years. You can contact him at: or follow him on twitter @Terry_Spruce

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