American Eurocopter showcases EC135 at police conference

The helicopter manufacturer will display a Massachusetts State Police EC135 T2e on the exhibition stand during the conference.
Eurocopter EC135 helicopter (Photo: American Eurocopter)

Eurocopter EC135 helicopter (Photo: American Eurocopter)

American Eurocopter will display a EC135 at the International Association of Chiefs of Police in Philadelphia. The helicopter belongs the first responders unit of Massachusetts state police, Air Wing, which has four EC135s on order with the manufacturer.

“The Air Wing section is one of the Commonwealth’s most versatile assets and responds to more than 1,900 mission requests annually across the state,” said Lt. Rob Smith, Officer in Charge of the Massachusetts State Police Air Wing.

“We have flown Eurocopter aircraft since 1987, which have assisted us in making hundreds of arrests over the years, as well as finding lost or wanted persons including the Boston Marathon bombing suspect in April of this year,” added Smith.

“The EC135 is a powerful, lightweight, twin-engine helicopter with low operating costs,” said Ed Van Winkle, American Eurocopter’s sales manager for Airborne Law Enforcement. “The aircraft delivers outstanding maneuverability at a whisper, while carrying larger payloads over longer distances than any aircraft in its class. Law Enforcement operators cite reliability, versatility and cost effectiveness as key factors in selecting Eurocopter helicopters to conduct a wide variety of missions. Currently we have more than 280 Eurocopter aircraft operated by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.”

Terry Spruce

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