EC130 B4 makes debut on Reunion Island

Eurocopter has displayed the EC130 B4 on the Reunion Island, made a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2010. Delivered to Corail Hélicoptères, the aircraft will be used to perform tourism operations and aerial work.

Recently, the EC130 B4 has also received permision to fly over the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

The company has a fleet of five helicopters, all of them from Eurocopter’s Ecureuil family. A second EC130 B4 will join the fleet before the end of the year. Corail Hélicoptères is planning to add a new transportation link between Reunion Island and Mauritius to its range of missions.

“Aside from the performance of a helicopter that boasts Ecureuil technology, the added safety of the Fenestron rotor and exceptional cabin visibility, the EC130 B4 is out in front when it comes to reduced sound levels—a factor that has earned it global recognition among the most demanding authorities in the field,” commented Alfred Chane Pane, CEO of Corail Hélicoptères. “Our selection of this helicopter is part of the program we have set up to share the splendor of Reunion Island with tourists from all over the world, and to protect that heritage through our aerial work and firefighting operations.”

“In addition to flight safety and technological excellence, environmental performance is a core aspect of Eurocopter’s innovation strategy,” said Olivier Michalon, Eurocopter vice president Europe and Central Asia. “Thanks to our investments in this area, Eurocopter helicopters are now at the forefront of environmental performance. Eurocopter will continue to make every effort to offer its customers a range of aircraft that are even more environmentally friendly.”

Terry Spruce

Terry is Senior News Editor and writes for both Corporate Jet Investor and Helicopter Investor. He is also responsible for our helicopter guides. Terry has been an aviation enthusiast since the early 1970s. He is a lapsed Private Pilot and ex-Piper Cherokee owner. He has flown a number of light aircraft and is comfortable sitting in the co-pilot's seat or the back of any aircraft. Before moving to journalism he was a banker for 20 years. You can contact him at: or follow him on twitter @Terry_Spruce

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