Eurocopter Canada delivers an EC135 to Finnair Helicopters

The new helicopter will fly missions across the province including line inspection, vegetation surveys, construction and environmental patrol.
Finnair Helicopters operates a Eurocopter EC135 in Canada.

Finnair Helicopters operates a Eurocopter EC135 in Canada.

Finnair Helicopters has taken delivery of a Eurocopter EC135 helicopter, which will be based in Naramata, British Columbia.

“The helicopter industry is continually evolving and the selection of the EC135 allows us to be ahead of the curve in terms of safety and performance,” said Wayne Finn, president and chief pilot of Finnair Helicopters. “Having the support of a twin-engine aircraft allows for an increased sense of security and operational assurance for our customers.”

Romain Trapp, president and CEO of Eurocopter Canada, said: “Eurocopter Canada is proud to support Finnair Helicopters’ move to the twin-engine market with the EC135.”

Trapp added: “We are certain that this aircraft is the right asset for hydro activities. We are proud of Finnair’s commitment to Eurocopter products and we look forward to their continued success.”

The EC135 is equipped with a cargo hook, hoist and harness. The aircraft will also have a mounted camera installed by Vector Aerospace.

Terry Spruce

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