Eurocopter opens first service centre in Peru

Eurocopter PeruEurocopter has announced the
opening of its first authorised service centre in Peru. Eurocopter’s subsidiary in
the Southern Cone has put its partnership with Servicios Aéreos de Los Andes
SAC on an official footing and has also opened its first certified services
centre in Peru.

The new service centre is in
the city of Ayacucho
and opened by representatives of both companies. Operators of Eurocopter’s
Ecureuil AS350 B3 will now have access to a maintenance centre certified at
“Operational & Intermediate” (O&I) level. The centre will carry out
inspections up to 600 flying hours and will replace small and large components,
including gearboxes, blade and hub units, and electrical and avionics systems.

“The certification of this
new service center underlines the Group’s commitment to be close to its
customers and increase its range of services in a country that is growing fast,”
said Alexandre Ceccacci, general manager of Eurocopter Cono Sur. “The new
maintenance centre will increase helicopter availability for operators, thereby
helping them to reduce costs.”

Photograph: (left) Dominique
Andreani, commercial director, Eurocopter Cono Sur and (right),  Walton Mery, chief executive
Servicios Aéreos de
Los Andes SAC. © Copyright Eurocopter Chile, Pablo Quispe

Terry Spruce

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