Exclases Russia signs for five AW139 helicopters

                                AgustaWestland and Exclases signing
Helivert will supply five AW139 helicopters to Exclases Russia. The helicopters will be assembled at the Tomilino facility near Moscow.

This contract, which includes a mix of five VIP and utility-configured helicopters, follows the first contract signed between HeliVert and Exclases Russia for Russian-built AW139 helicopters which includes an AW139 that is scheduled to be delivered in June.

This purchase further expands the presence of the AW139 model in Russia where over 20 have been ordered so far and almost 50 across the CIS countries.

Helivert is a joint venture between Russian Helicopters and AgustaWestland.

Photograph: (left to right – standing) HeliVert director general, Alexander Kuznetsov; AgustaWestland head of region, Alberto Ponti and AgustaWestland senior VP Commerical Business, Emilio Dalmasso.(left to right – sitting) Russian Helicopters director general, Dmitry Petrov, director general, Russian Helicopters; Daniele Romiti, CEO, AgustaWestland and Aaron Frankel, Exclases

Terry Spruce

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