Kopter Group announces the formation of Kopter North America

Mollis, 9 July 2018 – Kopter Group AG is pleased to announce that it has formed a fully owned subsidiary in the US: Kopter North America LLC.

The establishment of this subsidiary is a key first step for Kopter in developing its presence in the US, which represents a significant market for the company.

Kopter North America LLC will be headed by Christian Gras, as CEO – Christian is equally the Executive Vice President Customers at Kopter Group AG – and Larry Roberts, as President Sales, Marketing and Customer Support.

Andreas Löwenstein, CEO of Kopter Group, said at this occasion: “the US is clearly a prime market for our single engine helicopter, which offers the highest standards of safety, performance and comfort, coupled with low operating costs. We already have firm commitments from key American customers to acquire our SH09, as they see it as a perfect tool for a variety of missions, including EMS, Law Enforcement, Passenger Transport and Utility. It is essential for us to serve them as close as possible to where they will operate it.”

The next step for Kopter is to establish an industrial presence in the US. Discussions are currently taking place with potential industrial partners and local authorities in different suitable locations. Strategic alliances will allow Kopter to accelerate the set-up and development of the company on this continent. In the mid-term, the company expects to produce and assemble aircrafts directly in the US.

Terry Spruce

Terry is Senior News Editor and writes for both Corporate Jet Investor and Helicopter Investor. He is also responsible for our helicopter guides. Terry has been an aviation enthusiast since the early 1970s. He is a lapsed Private Pilot and ex-Piper Cherokee owner. He has flown a number of light aircraft and is comfortable sitting in the co-pilot's seat or the back of any aircraft. Before moving to journalism he was a banker for 20 years. You can contact him at: terry@corporatejetinvestor.com or follow him on twitter @Terry_Spruce

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