Ulan-Ude builds its 850th Mi-171 series helicopter

Russian Helicopters announces that Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant (UUAP) has produced its 850th Mi-171 series helicopter.
Russian Helicopters Mi-171A1

Russian Helicopters Mi-171A1

Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant (UUAP) in Russia, which was founded in 1939, has built its 850th Mi-171 series helicopter for Russian Helicopters.

The landmark aircraft was a Mi-171A1 helicopter built for Brazilian commercial operator Atlas Taxi Aereo. The helicopter will be used by Brazilian national oil company Petrobas to support drilling operations in Brazil’s rainforests.

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The timely delivery of the helicopter coincides with UUAP’s 75th anniversary celebrations. The plant traces its history back to 1939, with the creation of Aircraft Repair Plant No. 99 in Ulan-Ude, where it repaired fighters and bombers during the Second World War.

UUAP started manufacturing helicopters in 1956, producing the Ka-15, Ka-18 and then Ka-25 simultaneously with fixed-wing aircraft. In 1980 the plant began to build the first models of the Mi-8/17 series – the Mi-8MT and its export version the Mi-17.

Today, UUAP produces different variants of the Mi-8/17 series. The facility is developing the new Mi-171A2 prototype using the latest developments and materials.

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