WIKING Helikopter Service orders two H145s for offshore operations

WIKING Helikopter Service ordered two H145s in offshore configuration. The order was placed at the international aerospace exhibition ILA in Berlin.

The delivery of the first H145 is scheduled for the end of the year.

Both rotorcrafts will be used for the transfer of harbour pilots to ships and service technicians to offshore wind farms as well as for air rescue missions over the North Sea.

“We’re glad to have signed the order today. The H145 perfectly meets our requirements regarding operations over the sea.”

Alexander von Plato, director of WIKING Helikopter Service said: “We’re glad to have signed the order today. The H145 perfectly meets our requirements regarding operations over the sea.”

“At the beginning of this year, during an offshore demonstration we were convinced of the advantages of the new Helionix cockpit of the H145 and its 4-axis autopilot with auto-hover function. Moreover, the machine offers high performance reserves as well as a large interior, and it satisfies our strict safety requirements for the transfer of persons over the sea,” added Holger Stockmeyer, director of WIKING Helikopter Service GmbH.

Wolfgang Schoder, CEO of Airbus Helicopters Germany said: “The H145 has already proven its reliability with our clients in many missions around the world – during air rescue missions, with the police, with the special forces of the Armed Forces or as a helicopter for VIPs with Mercedes Benz Style design. The lowest maintenance costs and acoustic levels, which are almost 50% below the required limit, also contribute to this success.”

WIKING Helikopter Service focuses on the transfer of sea pilots via helicopters in all weather conditions. The company also operates as HEMS.

The helicopters are used in the field of offshore windfarming in order to transport and hoist service technicians to wind turbines. During this operation, the H145 transports with two pilots, up to six technicians.

Terry Spruce

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