London 2021 Agenda

We are currently working on the agenda. If you are interested in speaking at this event, please contact Louisa Whyte or call +44 1737 844 383 / +1 800 757 8059.

Sessions planned so far:

Helicopter leasing 2021
Lessons from the last 18 months
Helicopters versus fixed wing

Helicopter transactions 2021-2022
What is selling and what is not?
New versus pre-owned
Who is buying? 

The state of offshore
Is consolidation making a difference?
Which types are winning?

What is next for offshore
Where is the market going?
The key priority 

Is more consolidation coming? 

An uplifting end
Are we seeing logic in offshore markets?
What will the next 10 years look like 

Evolving from helicopters to eVTOL
How to chose an eVTOL
When is realistic 

BLADE: The first listed Urban Air Mobility company

Will the stored fleet fly again