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The Milestone Aviation Group is the world’s leading helicopter leasing and financing company. Milestone has a fleet of helicopters including loan financings worth over US $5 billion. Milestone partners with helicopter operators worldwide, providing a wide array of financial and productivity solutions, including operating leases, purchase/leasebacks, secured debt financing, engine leasing and fleet advisory. The company supports over 40 customers in more than 35 countries serving a variety of industries, including offshore oil and gas, search and rescue, emergency medical services, police surveillance, mining and other utility missions.

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Aero Asset is a global helicopter trading firm, headquartered in Toronto. It specializes in remarketing & trading preowned twin engine helicopters. Aero Asset also publishes the Preowned Helicopter Market Trends, an comprehensive market report released quarterly.
Airbus is a global leader in aeronautics, space and related services. In the helicopter area, Airbus provides the most efficient civil and military rotorcraft solutions worldwide.
The unique operational capabilities of Airbus helicopters enable them to perform vital missions around the world: saving lives, protecting populations, and delivering critical services, thereby contributing to the building of a safe, united and sustainable world.
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LCI is a leading aviation lessor that provides operators worldwide with an attractive alternative to buying, and financing the purchase of, rotary and fixed wing aircraft. LCI’s rotorcraft fleet is focused on the latest technology medium and super medium helicopters manufactured by leading OEMs including Leonardo, Airbus Helicopters and Sikorsky. These are in operation across four continents in multiple sectors including emergency medical services, offshore wind, search and rescue, maritime pilot transfer and energy sector transportation. LCI’s highly experienced management team has built strong relationships with manufacturers, customers and leading financial institutions, and has undertaken in excess of US$8 billion of transactions in the fixed wing and helicopter markets since its inception in 2004.
Nova Capital Aviation Group is a global leading aviation lessor, and associate lease management services provider, dedicate to on-shore mission critical services assets, with a constant growth of its fleets since inception in 2002.
The company was founded in 2002 by Olivier PIOT, acting as company CEO and main shareholder since then. We are focusing in particular on on-shore helicopters operated in such various missions as Emergency Medical Services, firefighting, powerline construction and survey, Arial work, training, passengers transportation, …
At Nova Capital, our unique 20 years history allows our experienced and dynamic team to continually create and nurture flexible financing solutions and long-term business partnerships with our customers, investors, and lenders.
We do this by firstly providing our customers with flexible, pragmatic and innovative helicopter financing solutions that support their fleet strategies and underpin their business growth.
We operate from Paris (2002), Dublin (2013) and Lisbon (2019)


HeliValue$, Inc. is best known for its publication, The Official Helicopter Blue Book®, which has been sold worldwide since 1979. HeliValue$ is the trusted advisor and industry-wide interpreter for an international clientele of manufacturers, vendors, helicopter operators, banks, leasing and insurance companies, and aviation law firms.

HeliValue$ is the world's only dedicated helicopter appraisal firm. With the powerful combination of decades of resale data, our internal component pricing data, and insight into the helicopter industry, our accredited ASA appraisers go well beyond the "appraiser" role. Our advice and consultations have helped lenders, lessors, and other funding participants: by advising on final "go/no-go" decisions for many by discussing the pros and cons of participating in helicopter lending, whether in general or in a specific deal, signifying changing the lending/credit industry's opinion of helicopters' long-term values through our 40+ years of evaluations, advice, and counsel.

HeliValue$ continues enhancing the helicopter industry's position with in-person and telephone presentations for senior management, asset, and credit personnel.
Lobo Leasing works with commercial helicopter operators around the globe to provide creative, innovative and flexible helicopter leasing and fleet management solutions designed to preserve liquidity and to help them grow their business. We are comprised of a diversified team of seasoned helicopter operators, technicians and finance professionals with extensive experience in the commercial helicopter industry.

Lobo is owned by Blackstone/GSO, one of the largest alternative investment firms in the world. Most importantly, we have an operator-centric approach to the market whereby we partner long term with operators to help them acquire the helicopters they need.

Lobo offer a comprehensive range of helicopter leasing solutions including sale and leaseback as well as the leasing of new delivery helicopters. In addition, Lobo assists operators with the sourcing of used helicopters and the sale of surplus machines.
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At Pratt & Whitney, we believe that powered flight has transformed – and will continue to transform – the world.

That’s why we work with an explorer’s heart and a perfectionist’s grit to design, build, and service the world’s most advanced aircraft engines. We do this across a diverse portfolio – including Commercial Engines, Military Engines, Business Aviation, General Aviation, Regional Aviation, and Helicopter Aviation – and as a way of turning possibilities into realities for our customers.

This is how we at Pratt & Whitney approach our work, and this is why we are inspired to go beyond
PTERON Valuations is a newly created valuation house aimed at supporting key market stakeholders such as large & niche Lenders, Operators, Title & Escrow firms, Brokers & Dealers, Aviation tax specialists, Aviation attorneys when involved in helicopter transactions.

Convinced that documenting and taking into account all the technical specificities of helicopters is not enough to explain all depreciation trends, PTERON Valuations is committed to sort out the other factors likely to affect values and to address market economics more thoroughly.

Assessing current and future market trends, tackling the detailed features of the relevant secondary markets, evaluating the strength and weaknesses of alternative solutions to helicopters and taking a comprehensive view of the market are some of the key elements to be considered.

Thru genuine and open interactions, PTERON Valuations’ goal is also to help its future customer community to raise their own level of expertise in tackling the subtle interactions between market trends and aircraft values.
With over 70 professionals in Chicago, New York, Washington, DC, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Singapore and Dallas, the Global Transportation Finance team of Vedder Price is one of the largest, most experienced and best recognized transportation finance practices in the world. Since 2016 Vedder Price has been ranked Band 1 in Private Aircraft (Global-wide) of Chambers High Net Worth, recognizing the world’s leading high-net-worth advisers.

With one of the largest and most experienced Business Aircraft and Helicopter Finance practice in the world, Vedder Price is able to provide counsel in all aspects of business aircraft and helicopter financing transactions, particularly large jet aircraft but also small jets, turboprop aircraft and helicopters. Attorneys in the group are considered to be thought leaders regarding commercial and contract law matters pertaining to aircraft finance and leasing transactions, whether governed by U.S. law, English law or the commercial laws of other jurisdictions, or international treaties. You can expect to work with creative, experienced attorneys who have both deep practical experience and broad transportation industry perspectives insight that can support you in matters ranging from simple to highly complex.

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