Bell 3-axis autopilot system wins UK CAA certification


ell’s 407GXi 3-axis autopilot has received certification from the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Available in the two and three-axis configurations, the two-axis version includes pitch control for altitude hold, indicated airspeed (IAS) hold and roll control, including heading, navigation and vertical navigation mode. The three-axis option adds yaw control.

The system also offers: a stability augmentation system to automatically recover the aircraft to near-level flight attitude at all speeds in the event of adverse roll or pitch and stability engagement throughout all phases of flight. Another feature includes envelope protection to prevent over speeding and under speeding.

Patrick Moulay, senior vice president, International Sales, Bell said: “We are thrilled to offer the Bell 3-axis autopilot for the Bell 407GXi to our customers in the UK. The system allows for decreased pilot workload and assistance in the event of inadvertent Instrument Meteorological Conditions [IIMC], overall increasing pilot comfort and ease over long distances.”

The autopilot system is available as standard equipment on new Bell 407GXis. Or owners and operators can have the system retrofitted. Meanwhile, the Bell 407GXi also offers an autopilot, advanced Garmin avionics and a dual channel FADEC-controlled engine. About 1,500 Bell 407s operate worldwide and have logged more than 6m flight hours. Pictured above is a Bell 407.

Meanwhile, earlier this month the manufacturer confirmed the delivery of three Bell 505 helicopters to the Royal Bahrain Air Force. Bell delivered the aircraft during an inspection and acceptance event in February at the manufacturer’s Mirabel facility, Canada.

Above and top: Bell 407 helicopters.