Bell reveals Boeing as used serviceable material supplier


Bell has revealed Boeing as a new authorised supplier of used serviceable material (USM) products for Bell 212 and Bell 412 clients and maintenance specialists.

The supplier partnership will improve Bell’s global support to customers, said Chris Schaefer, vice president, Customer Experience, Bell. “Bell will utilise Boeing’s advanced ecommerce platform, dynamic distribution model as well as the increased parts availability to ensure our customers have ready and reliable aircraft to complete their missions,” he said.

USM parts are available for purchase or on an exchange basis in which customers receive a repaired or overhauled component in exchange for their used core, according to the helicopter manufacturer. All repaired or overhauled parts are FAA-approved and processed through Bell’s Authorized Customer Service Facilities and Bell Authorized Maintenance Centers.

Part of the exchange/rotables (replaceable unit) inventory includes a wide-ranging supply for Bell 212 and 412 helicopters. The agreement enables Bell to expand its rotable pool with USM parts including, airframe, main transmission, avionics, main rotor head, main rotor blades, trail rotor blades and gearboxes, supported by Boeing.

Bell has more than 100 Authorized Customer Service Facilities in 34 countries. Pictured are Bell and Boeing staff commemorating the the new partnership.