Léman Aviation acquires Alpes Hélicoptères to unlock ‘tremendous potential’


Helicopter services company Léman Aviation has acquired a stake in rotary ownership, training, transport and utility specialist Alpes Hélicoptères to unlock the business’s “tremendous potential”, the firm told Helicopter Investor.

“Now is the ideal moment for this acquisition because we see tremendous potential in Alpes Hélicoptères and the broader aviation market,” a spokesperson told us. “The air transport industry is evolving, and this acquisition aligns perfectly with our vision for the future of Léman Aviation, particularly in light of the evolving landscape in our market. Alpes Hélicoptères will serve as the operational branch of Léman Aviation, further strengthening our commitment to excellence in passenger air transport sector.”

Based in Annecy, southeastern France, Alpes Hélicoptères operates a fleet of three turbine aircraft –a Robinson 66 and two Bell 407 VIP – in the Côte d’Azur region in the south of the country.

Alpes Hélicoptères is strategically positioned for transfers and business flights between popular destinations in the Alps, Monaco and the Mediterranean, according to the company. Alpes will continue to operate leisure flights and flight training, aircraft management and co-ownership programme.

Léman Aviation founders Nicolas Miras and Vincent Pollet said in a joint statement: “We are delighted to be taking over the management of Alpes Hélicoptères. This company has strong growth potential in the helicopter market.”

The acquisition also prepares Léman Aviation to become a key player in future mobility solutions, they said. “This also positions us to focus on the future of aerial mobility, with the arrival of new types of assets and anticipating the new modes of propulsion.”