European Rotors’ Main Hall opens in Madrid tomorrow


Madrid, Spain hosts this year's European Rotors event.

The main exhibit hall at European Rotors, Europe’s largest rotorcraft event, opens in Madrid, Spain tomorrow. This year’s event will include two Helicopter Investor Finance Forums – one dedicated to the state of the industry and one to the leasing market.

Organised by the European Helicopter Association (EHA) and Helicopter Association International (HAI) at the IFEMA Madrid Fair Centre, European Rotors brings together rotorcraft manufacturers, suppliers, and operators. More than 24 rotorcraft will be on display at the four-day event.

Christian Müller, chairman and technical director, EHA described rotors as “the sounds of service”. The vast majority of helicopter flights were humanitarian missions, he said.  “These aircraft might be conducting search and rescue, fighting fires, supporting electrical grids, or performing airborne law enforcement support and we are excited to feature this versatility at our show.”

Presentations and demonstrations at this year’s event include hoists and sling loads, Spanish Day (tomorrow), featuring Spanish helicopter association ATAIRE, and Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) Day, including presentations on public-service programmes performed by helicopters, including firefighting and medical flights on Wednesday. Parapublic Day on Thursday will focus on firefighting and law enforcement missions flown by helicopters.

There will also be three presentations on Global Humanitarian Aid Projects on Thursday. These will probe the key role helicopters play in supporting global health, especially where ground infrastructure is not a valid and safe solution. Topics include emergency and routine missions transporting blood, organs, or medicine into inaccessible areas are key to improved global health and fighting diseases.

Meanwhile, Helicopter Investor will be staging two Finance Forums on Wednesday November 29th. Both forums will take place in the Quiet Conference Area of the European Rotors Main Hall. Full details appear below.


European Rotor HI Finance Forums, Nov 29th – at a glance

The State of the Market in 2024 panellists, 15.30 CET

  • Sara Dhariwal, senior aviation analyst, Ascend by Cirium
  • David Martin, segment specialist, Offshore, Bell Flight
  • Clark McGinn, principal of Uplifting Advice
  • Will Sturm, vice president, Sales, Aero Asset.


The Future of Helicopter Leasing panellists 16:45 CET

  • Con Barber, chief investment officer, Macquarie
  • Nigel Leishman, chief commercial officer, LCI
  • Pat Sheedy, president and CEO, Milestone Aviation.