Supernal unveils eVTOL concept at CES 2024 tech show


On show: Supernal has unveiled its first eVTOL vehicle concept, S-A2, at the CES tech show in Las Vegas.

Four years since revealing a ‘vision concept’ at the CES 2020, Supernal has unveiled its first eVTOL vehicle concept – S-A2 – at this year’s edition of the tech show in Las Vegas.

The blending of “design with functionality” has formed the basis of S-A2’s design, which brought together Supernal’s engineering teams and Hyundai Motor Group’s automotive designers. The pilot-plus-four-passenger aircraft is planned for entry into service in 2028, according to Supernal. 

“S-A2 is a true representation of ‘auto meets aero’,” Luc Donckerwolke, president, chief design officer and chief creative officer, Hyundai Motor Group. “Drawing on the competence of Supernal’s top aerospace engineers and Hyundai Motor Group’s world-renowned automotive designers to create human-centric design that maximises passenger experience and safety.”

The S-A2 features a V-tail design and will be capable of cruising 120mph at an altitude of 1,500ft. Distributed electric propulsion and eight “all-tilting” rotors mean that Supernal’s vehicle will operate as quietly as a dishwasher — 65 dB in vertical take-off and landing phases and 45 dB while cruising horizontally. The firm is initially targeting city operations between 25 and 40 miles in length.

Supernal is also putting focus on battery upgradability, including a modular design which will allow them to replace the battery as technology advances with relative ease.

Ben Diachun, chief technology officer, Supernal said: “Supernal’s product concept vehicle is the result of the creativity and hard work of our world-class team. S-A2 is designed to take full advantage of emerging electric powertrain advancements that will define the next generation of aviation. From here, we will develop this concept into a revolutionary commercial product.”

The S-A2 is on display within the Supernal Vertiport exhibition at CES 2024, located next to the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. As well as seeing S-A2 for the first time, visitors are able to take a simulated flight above the city of Los Angeles.

Jaiwon Shin, president of Hyundai Motor Group and CEO of Supernal said: “From the beginning, Supernal has been on a mission to create the right product and the right market at the right time. The unveiling of S-A2 demonstrates our unwavering commitment to deliver on that mission with a safe, efficient vehicle design that provides a clear path to market entry. By leveraging our talented 600-person team, the vast technical and business capabilities of Hyundai Motor Group and trusted aviation suppliers around the world, Supernal is ready to deliver a new era of flight.”

The article was first published on Helicopter Investor’s sister site Revolution.Aero.