CAE deploys three new training programmes


The new programmes include Sikorsky S-92 and EC225 training

CAE today announced that it
will deploy three new simulation-based training programmes for helicopter
pilots and maintenance engineers.

The new programmes include Sikorsky S-92 training in search-and-rescue (SAR)
missions in Stavanger and Sao Paulo. Another new programme includes
Eurocopter EC225 training in Sao Paulo.
The programmes will feature new CAE 3000 Series Level D flight and mission
simulators and CAE Simfinity e-Learning options.

“The Brazil and North Sea offshore oil and gas markets are robust, and we
are particularly pleased to extend our commitment to those markets with the
highest-quality flight and mission training available,” said Jeff Roberts,
CAE Group president, civil simulation products, training and services.
“Our global helicopter training network locations are positioned close to
our customers’ operations, enabling more training value at less cost throughout
the year. We are committed to helping helicopter operators worldwide fly their
missions safely and efficiently by training risk-free with the best available
simulation technology and highly qualified instructors.”