Eurocopter India announces first 2012 bookings


Three bookings for 2012, an AS350 B3e, an EC135 and EC155 for corporate use at India Aviation

India has announced their
first bookings in India
for 2012, three helicopters, an AS350 B3e, EC135 and EC155. All will be
delivered in corporate configuration by the end of this year.

With four out of five units
delivered last year in India
being Eurocopter’s AS350 B3, with its first booking of 2012 being another AS350
B3e sold to G R Constructions for business aviation use.

Eurocopter India
also signed agreements with two undisclosed customers for an EC135 and an
EC155, both of which will also be used for corporate travel.

“Business aviation is one of the key segments that is driving the growth of the
helicopter market in India,”
noted Eurocopter India
chief executive, Xavier Hay. “These bookings mark a good start to the year. We
will continue to work on developing other segments as well, such as emergency
medical services, law enforcement, utility and aerial work.”

He added, “Expanding our services network also remains a priority so that we
can provide full support to our customers across India. All these efforts will be
ensured by our in-country presence and co-operations sealed with local
partners. Our ultimate aim is to help create a robust aviation industry in this


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