Ecuador and Malaysia approved gross weight increase on Bell 429


Ecuador and Malaysia join Australia, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines and Vietnam in recognising the increased gross weight of the Bell 429 based on performance tests undertaken by Transport Canada

Bell 429Bell Helicopter announced
that Ecuador’s Director General of Civil Aviation and the Department of Civil
Aviation Malaysia have approved the increased maximum gross weight for the Bell
429 to 7,500 lbs. The increase of 500 lbs. – to 7,500 lbs – is based on
Transport Canada’s

Ecuador and Malaysia
join Australia, Brazil, Mexico,
New Zealand, the Philippines and Vietnam
in recognizing the 429’s increased capabilities based on the due diligence
performed by Transport Canada.
In January 2012, after an extensive technical evaluation, Transport Canada approved
operation of the 429 at 7,500 lbs.

“We are delighted to
have the support and approval of Malaysia
and Ecuador,”
said Danny Maldonado, Bell Helicopter’s executive vice president of Commercial
Sales and Marketing. “With the additional weight capability the 429
provides greater safety and benefits to the communities it serves. This added
capability doubles the 429’s footprint, and greatly increases its endurance and
loiter times.”

“The larger payload
allows for the installation of additional safety related equipment. With more
range operators can take advantage of the 429’s IFR/WAAS capabilities. This
allows for a greater safety margin by ensuring the capacity for necessary fuel
reserves for operations in the IFR environment,” Maldonado added.