New prices to encourage helicopter use


New owners of Barclays London Heliport announce new pricing incensives to encourage helicopter use

Barclays London HeliportThe new owners of the
Barclays London Heliport have announced a new pricing scheme to stimulate
interest amongst operators and owners of single-engine executive helicopters to
use London
heliport. The Reuben Brothers, who already own London Oxford
Airport, purchased the
heliport in Battersea earlier this year.

The management of the Barclays London Heliport confirmed that
landing fees for lighter single-engine helicopters, including types such as the
Bell 206 Jet Ranger and Eurocopter AS350, will be reduced by up to 20%.

Furthermore, in a bid to
encourage synergy with the London
Oxford Airport,
a 22-minute flight away by helicopter, the management team highlighted the
introduction of some attractive price incentives to encourage operators to
interline jets and helicopters at the heliport and airport.

this month, any visiting jets at London
Oxford Airport
connecting with heliport-originating or destined helicopters, will now qualify
for a 50% reduction in landing fees for a business jet of 15 tonnes or
more. Helicopters interlining with a jet at London Oxford
Airport will also receive
a free landing.  There will be a 25% reduction for jets under 15
tonnes.  The associated helicopter will also qualify for a 50% reduction
in the associated landing fee at the Heliport- a deal which can represent a
saving of up to £1,000 per trip.

“Now owned by an airport
operator, rather than an aircraft charter and management company, we are
pleased to say that there is no longer any perceived conflict of interest from
helicopter operators within the industry,” said London Oxford Airport
managing director Chris Orphanou.

This is reflected in a clear
shift of activity amongst the charter operators. Harrods Aviation, with a 12%
share of movements since the acquisition, is now the lead operator. PremiAir,
the Heliport’s previous owners, accounted for a 23% share movements over the same
period in 2011.

The heliport is in a very strong
position this summer owing to its unique position as the only aviation hub in
central London (aside from London City
Airport) with an
exemption to the No Fly Zone during the Games. Public service flights –
police, medevac and air ambulance – will be unaffected and operating hours are
unchanged at 0700 to 2300, seven days a week. 

“A growing number of
bookings are being logged for the Olympics period and now we are urging both
operators and charter brokers to hurry and confirm their slots before 1 July
and log details of tail numbers in order to be included in our security
database,” said Barclays London Heliport general manager Simon
Hutchins. During the period of the Olympics there will be no holding on
the heli-routes, helicopters will just move straight in and straight out.” 

“There will be no helicopter access beyond Battersea Bridge
or down the Thames and non-compliance could
remove special exemption rights for on-going use of the Heliport,”
Hutchins said.

There may also be a possible
temporary closure of airspace or helicopter routes at little or no notice at
any given time – for example during the Opening and Closing ceremonies.  A
new Local Flying Area (LFA) trial is currently being evaluated to the south
which may provide an alternative southern departure option relieving some
locals of related noise issues.  This will conclude by the end of June
whereupon a decision will be made whether or not to adopt this access zone

Plans are being explored for
a new pier on the river near to the heliport said James Dillon-Godfrey, who has
expanded his business development role at London Oxford Airport to now include
the heliport.

During the Games the heliport
will be working closely with Diplomat Cruises and London Rib Voyages to offer
clients a unique ‘Pad to Park’ experience. Innovative river transport to the
Olympic Park via Limehouse Marina is offered aboard an eight-seat VIP
configured 37ft Sunseeker Superhawk Shaken
not Stirred, as featured in the Bond film The World Is Not Enough.
In addition a 36ft 12-seat enclosed VIP high speed RIB, Chelsea
Flyer will be available.

Full corporate hospitality
packages are now available for clients who want to enjoy a memorable and
special experience when they travel to the Games in East
London, having of course flown into the heliport.

The Reuben Brothers were
attracted to the London
heliport because it is a unique asset and iconic site, which fits with their
investment portfolio. It has been in existence for more than 50 years but
in 2010 the Heliport was transformed with massive refurbishment, a new
terminal, control tower, new meetings and conference facilities and an adjacent
five star luxury hotel.

Helicopters are valuable
time machines for clients travelling on business, but there is also a keen and
growing interest for helicopter use for leisure and corporate
hospitality. The Reubens’ interests give them approximately 40% ownership
in the UK
racecourse market. Last week saw a 50% increase in movements on Royal
Ascot Ladies Day over last year, whilst advanced bookings for the Silverstone
F1 Grand Prix have more than doubled over 2011 figures.


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