H160 completes first flight


Airbus Helicopters H160 (Credit: Thierry Rostang 2015)

The Airbus Helicopters H160 flew for the first time at Marseille Airport on June 13.

The first flight comes less than a month since the helicopter began its ground runs at end of May.

The aircraft flew for around 40 minutes, with the flight test team checking the overall behaviour of the aircraft.

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“The first flight was very promising in terms of stability, vibrations, and sound levels,” said Olivier Gensse, the flight test pilot, upon landing the aircraft.

The flight test campaign has now been launched and the next flights will begin to open the flight envelope progressively. During the second flight the aircraft reached 130kts.

“We are very proud that the H160 has reached another milestone on time,” said Bernard Fujarski, head of the H160 programme. “The dedication of the team working on the program has paid off and we are all looking forward to the final development phase to bring this highly anticipated helicopter to the market.”

“We are very proud that the H160 has reached another milestone on time.”

Airbus Helicopters will use three flying prototypes. The first prototype will pursue its flight test campaign, including its first hot weather flight tests planned for this summer. The second prototype performed its first power-on 12 June.

Airbus Helicopters released a short video:

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