XTI Aircraft on Schedule with Development of Flying Prototype


XTI Aircraft  announced today it is on schedule and on budget as it completes the ducts and fans for its 60% scale flying prototype and moves toward ground testing those components.

“In this Phase 2,” explained Robert LaBelle, CEO of XTI, “we’re fabricating the wing ducts and fans and will perform ground tests for static thrust performance and verification on those components. We’ll also complete weight and balance, and full structural design. Fabrication of the entire aircraft will be completed in Phase 3, which will begin in April, followed by two or three months of testing before first flight later this year.”

“We’ve received 60 orders for the airplane,” LaBelle continued, “representing $390 million in sales revenues. Our entire team is focused on flying the prototype, bringing this revolutionary aircraft to market, and fulfilling those orders. The orders indicate higher sales and revenues for the company than we originally estimated. We’re convinced that these new orders, along with the prototype program, significantly reduces the risk for our investors.”