Pre-owned single engine helicopter sales fall 12% last year


Sales of pre-owned single engine helicopters fell by 12% last year, while inventory remained low, according to Aero Asset’s latest Heli Market Trends Report.

Last year, 212 single engine aircraft were sold, with a total dollar volume of $387m – down 15% from the value achieved in the previous year.

The report, covering single engine preowned helicopter models in production and variants, with recent retail sales activity in all configurations, revealed the most liquid market in 2022 was the Airbus AS350 B3/H125. That was followed by the Bell 407/GX/P/I and the Airbus EC130 B4/H130. All three markets had just five months of supply at 2022 trade levels. The Leonardo AW119, despite being the least liquid market, had a strong absorption rate of 10 months.

VIP singles accounted for 60% of all transactions in 2022. Also the supply of helicopters configured for emergency medical services (EMS) hit an all-time low. The supply of utility helicopters for sale dropped 30% year-over-year.

Valerie Pereira, vice president, VP Market Research, Aero Asset said: “North American buyers accounted for nearly 60% of all single engine transactions in 2022 while retail transactions in Europe fell 40% year-over-year.”

Europe accounted for 16% of transactions last year, Asia Pacific 14% and Latin America 10%. (See the illustration below).

Inventory for sale plummeted 40% year over year, but rose in the fourth quarter, she said. “It actually tripled in North America between the second and last quarters of 2022.”

North America accounted for 27% of fourth quarter supply, Europe 31% and Latin America 17%. Asia Pacific contributed 14% of supply and the Rest of the World 11%. Meanwhile, request a copy of the report here.

Source: Aero Asset.