FlightSafety simulators receive EASA and FAA qualifications

Five helicopter and fixed-wing simulators equipped with FlightSafety International’s new VITAL 1100 visual system are now EASA and FAA Level D qualified.
image from a VITAL 1100 simulation

image from a VITAL 1100 simulation

FlightSafety International has announced that five of its simulators equipped with the recently introduced VITAL 1100 visual system have been qualified to Level D by EASA and the FAA.

Three additional VITAL 1100 equipped simulators are scheduled to receive Level D qualification in the next few months of 2014.

“The VITAL 1100 is leading the industry with unprecedented fidelity and training effectiveness,” said John Van Maren, vice president, simulation.

The first VITAL 1100 visual system equipped simulator to receive Level D qualification from EASA was FlightSafety’s Sikorsky S-92 located in Stavanger, Norway. The first simulators that feature the VITAL 1100 to be qualified to Level D and approved by the FAA include FlightSafety’s AgustaWestland AW-139 and Sikorsky S-92 simulators in Lafayette, Louisiana, an Embraer 190 simulator in St. Louis, Missouri, and a Night Vision Goggle qualified Eurocopter EC-135 simulator in Dallas, Texas.

The next three VITAL 1100 equipped simulators to be qualified to Level D include an Embraer 170 in St. Louis, a second Eurocopter EC-135 in Dallas, and the company’s third Gulfstream G650 simulator that will be installed in Long Beach, California.

“Customer feedback as well as the EASA and FAA simulator qualifications with this new generation visual system confirm we are exceeding our goals to provide exceptional realism and the most effective visual training environment,” said Jon Hester, general manager, visual systems.

Terry Spruce

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