Helicopter Investor London 2015: Agenda

Helicopter Investor London 2015 is the second annual conference for the people driving the commercial helicopter market.
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11-12 February 2015 – Royal Garden Hotel, London

Bristow Group – Growth and Optimization
Market Outlook
Fleet Funding Strategy

Off shore forecast
Rig day rates vs utilization?
Which new markets are worth concentrating on?
Further and deeper?

Will Tiltrotors revolutionise offshore?
Technical issues for beginners
What does it need to land on an rig?

Global bank panel: Debt finance for rotary assets
Are banks only interested in large operators?
Does Cape Town bother banks?
Credit versus asset considerations
What do different banks look for in deals?

Helicopter values: Tracking the market
The panel will focus on demand and values for different types – and which helicopters financiers and operators should be particularly focused on.

International helicopter title issues
What can go wrong?
Title opinion versus title insurance

Case study: Managing an operator failure
What would happen if a major operator ceased operations?
How would financier find their assets?

Rotary assets and the capital markets
Who would buy helicopter debt?
Complicated versus simple structures?

The state of helicopter finance: 2015 forecast
Finance market outlook for 2015
Where are there funding gaps?
How do OEMS deal with leasing companies?

Shipping helicopters – a guide for owners
Moving movable assets
Assembling and disassembling
Sea, air and land

Rotary insurance update
Are there any signs of hardening rates?
How do insurers calculate risks?

The VIP and light helicopter market: Are there any signs of a rebound?
Light helicopter values
Are manufacturers stimulating demand

The Helicopter leasing market in 2015
Can lease rates keep falling?
When will see consolidation?
Who has the power when ordering new aircraft?

Brazil’s offshore market
How big a market will it become
Legal and tax issues – how easy would repossession
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