Will Helitourism benefit from oil and gas woes?


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Think of a helicopter.

The chances are you thought of a helicopter transporting oil and gas workers, carrying patients, conducting search and rescue or ferrying a VIP.

But – unless you have been on holiday recently – you probably did not think of helitourism. But with other markets contracting, is it time to take a closer look at this market?

All major cities around the world have operators that offer helitours over the cities and over other major landmarks like the Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty, sightseeing tours over London, glacier tours in New Zealand and Miami Beach.

These helitours usually follow set routes, fly at set heights and at set speeds, so could they even be considered operators of unofficial schedules. These tours can be operated by helicopters that need little or no special equipment installed in them.

With helicopter lessors looking for new markets maybe it is time to add helitourism to the list.

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