Electro Ventures has placed an order for 10 of Jump Aero’s JA1 Pulse eVTOL aircraft.

Ordered with an undisclosed non-refundable deposit, Electro Ventures has worked with Jump Aero for a number of years through one of its portfolio companies Electro Aero. It plans to use the aircraft in the Australian market and has signed a memorandum of understanding to represent Jump Aero throughout the Asia-Pacific market.

Joshua Portlock, founding Innovation Partner, Electro Ventures said: “We are confident our experience and strong relationship with the regulator will be able to fast track commercial operations to provide this valuable capability to rural communities in Australia and neighbouring countries. 

“This commitment demonstrates the strength of our conviction in Jump Aero’s high-speed Pulse aircraft design, technology and business model. We look forward to empowering superheroes and helping them save lives,” he added.

Electro Ventures said it believes the technology that Jump Aero will provide can make a “significant impact” in providing rural emergency medical response for Australian citizens. The JA1 Pulse can fly one trained professional plus emergency equipment to unimproved landing zones in rural areas.

Unveiled earlier this month at Revolution.Aero San Francisco, Jump Aero claims its JA1 Pulse can cut rural emergency response time in half. The firm focuses on the first eight minutes of an emergency, based on an average response time of 14.5 minutes for 46m rural US citizens. The Cecile is outfitted with equipment including a heart monitor, an automated CPR machine, oxygen, and other first aid tools.  Watch Jump Aero’s full session from Revolution.Aero’s San Francisco event. This article was first published on Revolution.Aero.

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