RIVE Partners with Safran To Accelerate Helicopter Operation Decarbonisation


RIVE Private Investment (RIVE) has partnered with Safran Helicopter Engines to accelerate the decarbonisation of helicopter operations.

The exclusive partnership agreement will allow RIVE to benefit from a new system for measuring CO2 emissions from helicopter engines, as well as advice from Safran Helicopter Engines on the technical and regulatory aspects of decarbonising operations.

Though its RTAIF fund, RIVE invests in assets the contribute to the decarbonisation of the transportation sector, or serve essential needs such as rescue aviation missions. RIVE owns a fleet of 65 helicopters and 126 engines, which it leases to operators in OECD countries.

The long-term partnership between RIVE and Safran Helicopter Engines will include detailed calculations of emissions by type and mission of the RIVE fleet, analysis of regulations and their impact of RIVE’s strategies, emissions and cost trajectories for the fleet, as well as action implementations including a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) strategy.

“This exclusive partnership with Safran Helicopter Engines marks a significant step forward in our commitment to the ecological transition. By becoming the world’s first customer for Safran’s new CO2 emissions measurement and consultancy support offer, which we helped to inspire and structure, we are affirming our desire to be at the forefront of decarbonisation in the mission-critical helicopter sector,” said Camille Brunel, Partner, RIVE. “With the expertise and support of Safran Helicopter Engines, we are better equipped to assist our customers and partners in reducing their footprint, strengthening our position as a leader in the leasing of impact transport assets.”

Safran Helicopter Engines aims to be the leading manufacturer of low-carbon helicopters, with a roadmap based on creating even more efficient gas turbines, hybrid-electric technologies and SAF.

“We are particularly pleased that RIVE Private Investment is calling on our expertise in helicopter decarbonisation. We will help them to better understand the issues involved in the decarbonisation of its operation, for the benefit of their customers and the market as a whole,” said Mathieu Albert, EVP Support and Services, Safran Helicopter Engines. “Decarbonising helicopters is not just a question of developing new technologies for our engines. It also involves supporting operators in measuring and optimising their fuel consumption and associated emissions.”