Aero Asset: Pre-owned single-engine heli pricing strong in 2023


An Airbus Helicopters AS350 B3+ graces the front cover of Aero Asset’s latest report.

Prices of pre-owned single-engine helicopters stayed strong last year – despite the continuing slow down in the market, according to Aero Asset’s Heli Market Trends 2023 Single-Engine report.

“The notable takeaways from the 2023 annual single engine market recap shows that pre-owned pricing remains strong,” Valerie Pereira, vice president of Market Research, Aero Asset told Helicopter Investor. “We see an average asking price that has increased 4% yoy [year-on-year], despite the drop in retail sales.”

Also, the average transaction price also increased 13% yoy while the average days on market dropped 6% yoy. “In our latest findings, retail sales volume decreased 50% in 2023 vs 2022, it has been the lowest level in three years,” said Pereira. That led to supply for sale climbing 30% yoy.

 Dissecting pre-owned helicopter sales by region, North America accounted for the biggest proportion of retail buyers, making up 62% of all transactions last year. That was followed by Latin America claiming 14% and Asia Pacific 12%. Europe accounted for 9% of retail buyers with the remaining buyers spread worldwide. Retail transactions to Europe dropped 70% compared with the previous year.

At the end of 2023, Europe was the region with the largest share of supply of single-engine helicopters with 36% of the total. North America was next with 22%, while Asia Pacific and Latin America claimed 17% respectively and rest of world accounted for (8%).

Turning to liquidity, the most liquid pre-owned single-engine helicopter market last year was the Bell 407/GX/P/I. This was followed by the Airbus AS350 B3/B3e/H125 and the Leonardo AW119K/Ke/Kx. The least liquid preowned market was the Airbus EC130 B4/H130.

Meanwhile, you can order your copy of Aero Asset’s Heli Market Trends 2023 Single-Engine Edition here.  Read about the company’s previous single-engine report here.


Aero Asset’s Heli Market Trends 2023 Single-Engine edition – at a glance

  • Prics remained strong despite retail sales volume reaching lowest level in three years
  • Retail sales volume fell by 50% on 2022
  • Supply of single-engine helis for sale ended 30% higher yoy
  • Average asking price rose 4%
  • Average transaction price rosev13% yoy
  • North American market accounted for 62% of transactions last year followed by Latin America at 14%.
  • Most liquid preowned singles market was the Bell 407/GX/P/I, followed by Airbus’ AS350 B3/B3e/H125 Leonardo’s AW119K/Ke/Kx.

Source: Aero Asset.