If you are on a mission to select a registry for your helicopter,  business jet or turbo prop, you face a bewildering range of options. More than 50 aircraft registries around the world would like you to select their services. That’s where The Official Guide to Aircraft Registration (OGAR) 2024 can help.

Our free, 70-page, handy guide helps you choose the registration that best suits your needs. It’s an important decision. The registry you choose can have significant impacts – ranging from resale value to maintenance regulations and taxation – among other things. With no one-size-fits-all solution, seemingly small details can have big consequences later on.

The Official Guide to Aircraft Registration (OGAR) 2024 dives deep to reveal registries’ structuring requirements, inspections and Certificate of Airworthiness conditions, costs, financing and deregistration and more.

In the flagship feature, Ed Leigh, client services director, Isle of Man, IQ-EQ explains, in more detail, why it pays to choose the right registry to meet your needs. Considering factors such as safety standards, legislation and regulations, taxes, service levels and reputation, the article sets out the factors to consider before making your selection.

In the Country Survey Data section we focus on the requirements and benefits claimed for four specific registries. Those are: Guernsey Aircraft Registry, Isle of Man Aircraft Registry, Swiss  Aircraft Register and Federal Aviation Administration Aircraft Registry, which claims about 294,000 active aircraft registered and about 1,900 Air Operators Certificates.

In the Quick Reference Country Data section, we deliver at-a-glance key information on registries’ on operations, finance arrangements and key contact details. From Aruba and Austria to Turkey and Ukraine, more than 50 registries are included.

While we have made the publication as comprehensive and accurate as possible, it’s always worth engaging professional help from specialist aviation lawyers before making your decision. In an industry characterised by complexity and a very wide range of choices, there’s no better place to start than The Official Guide to Aircraft Registration 2024. Read the digital copy of our publication here. More information about the guide is available here.

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