Omni Helicopters completes training of first Guyanese SAR rear crew

The first SAR rear crew completes its training in Guyana with Omni Helicopters.

Omni Helicopters has trained its first SAR rear crew in Guyana. (Photocredit: Omni Helicopters).

Offshore rotary services company Omni Helicopters has completed the training of the company’s first Guyanese SAR rear crew class.

Course graduates were praised by Duncan Moore, executive vice president, International Offshore and Onshore and group chief operating officer at Omni Helicopters International, “Their commitment to excellence and readiness to respond to emergencies is a testament to their character and professionalism,” he said. “We are proud to have contributed to the development of this Guyanese capability, staying true to our promise of proactively developing the nation´s aviation capabilities.”

SAR training focused on water confidence, physical fitness, and helicopter underwater escape training. Course members attended ground school where they studied rescue equipment, techniques, and procedures, along with crdew resource management (CRM) and helideck operations.

In Canada, students undertook simulator training on hoist emergency response techniques. This was followed in Guyana by live SAR helicopter training over land, vessels, and water. Each phase of the training concluded with confirmation check rides and a final written test to ensure operational readiness.

The graduation ceremony took place recently at Omni Helicopter Guyana´s terminal at Ogle Airport, near Georgetown. Awarded SAR rear crew wings were: Curt Mendonca, Daniel Yorris, Ishwar Parbhu, Kevin Sawh and Johnelle Ogle.

“This SAR Crew Team is a testament to the capabilities and will of the young professionals in Guyana,” said the company. “They are now an integral part of the country’s national capabilities. This milestone is one of the several OHGI initiatives to promote Guyanese talent and professionalism in the aviation sector.” 

The operator revealed the SAR training programme in January this year.