Hawker Pacific sells first Bell 407GX in Australia


A Bell 407GX helicopter flying over a city.

Hawker Pacific announces the sale of the first Bell 407GX to a private Australian customer.
A Bell 407GX helicopter flying over a city.

A Bell 407GX helicopter flying over a city.

Hawker Pacific has completed the sale of the first Bell 407GX to an Australian customer, after a recent region demonstration tour.

The aircraft, due for delivery in early 2014, will be based in Sydney, used for corporate and VIP operations and will be customised and maintained by Hawker Pacific.

Hawker Pacific is in the process of planning additional demo tours within the region during 2014.

Tony Jones, chief operating officer of Hawker Pacific Asia, said: “Confidence is the key for a healthy acquisitions market, and this sale – truly a milestone event – echoes a shift in the corporate sector which is now moving into a new, more buoyant phase.”

“In the corporate market we’re also seeing a lot of product development as the latest generation of aircraft are released into the market. This is always exciting because the newer, more capable variants are catalysts for boosting sales as owners and operators seek to stay current with technology improvements, enhanced aircraft performance and safety.  We consider it crucial to get the latest generation products in front of our clients and potential customers as they start to make decisions on purchasing new aircraft,” added Jones.

“The Bell 407 has always been a favourite with operators globally and remains the smoothest, most reliable helicopter in its class. It is no surprise that its latest variant, the 407GX, has seen stronger than anticipated sale numbers soon after its release. Bell Helicopter continues to push the boundaries with its aircraft and the addition of the Garmin 1000 avionics is a huge step forward in situational awareness and reduced cockpit workload. The Garmin G1000 is compatible with Garmin satellite weather services which are now supported in the region. We are committed to exposing the market to these new products as they are released in Australasia.”

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