Bell 407 increases hot and high mission capabilities


Bell 407GX

Bell Helicopter showcased a Bell 407GX on a week long Californian demo tour in hot and high conditions.

Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc. has received Federal Aviation Administration approval for a new flight manual supplement for high and hot operations (FMS-12) for the Bell 407GX.

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This supplement allows operators the ability to improve hover in ground effect (HIGE) and hover out of ground effect (HOGE) with increased payload in high and hot conditions.

Since the supplement was approved many operators have seen benefits from the additional payload.

Keith White, general manager at Hillcrest Aircraft Company, says: “This new ability for the Bell 407 unleashes the true potential of the aircraft. We couldn’t be happier with its performance in our multi-mission duties.”

BJ Rayson, senior vice president of operations at SevenBar Aviation says: “I am very impressed with the high and hot performance of the Bell 407.”

“During the heat of the day, we landed on a mountain peak about 9,300 ft up with a full load, rivaling competitor aircraft in its weight class,” adds Rayson.

Anthony Moreland, vice president of North American sales says: “In the past two years, we have tripled the size of the Bell 407GX fleet in North America. Customers were given the opportunity to see this aircraft in action and experience its full capabilities, they become just as excited as we are about the industry-leading glass cockpit technology powering this aircraft.”