Bill Tame appointed as CEO at Avincis


Bond Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma

Bill Tame, chief executive of Babcock’s international division, will take over as chief executive of Avincis with immediate effect.

Tame takes over from James Drummond, who was brought in to oversee the creation of a single international group from two separate businesses, Bond Aviation and Grupo Inaer, which themselves had grown through acquisitions.

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Under his leadership Avincis developed into one of the world’s leading mission critical aviation businesses, and was subsequently acquired by Babcock earlier this year.

Drummond will remain with the company until early next year and will continue to support Avincis in the establishment of the new international offshore operator trade association which we are helping to found.

Tame says: “James has done a great job in building Avincis into a business with truly international reach.  I look forward to taking the company through the next stage of its development, as we continue to grow Babcock’s international division.”