Bell Helicopter announces six 407GX sales in China


Bell 407GX

Bell Helicopter has sold a total of six Bell 407GX helicopters to four customers at the Airshow China being held in Zhuhai.

Chris Jaran, Bell Helicopter’s vice president, China said: “We are very pleased to have all four customers here at Airshow China to celebrate the addition of the Bell 407GX to each of their fleets. The Bell 407GX has seen tremendous success here in China. The aircraft’s versatility is a key differentiator for us. We have numerous customers performing multiple roles in the same aircraft, and with just a quick interior change, this aircraft can go from one mission to another.”

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Bell Helicopters has signed agreements with Hunan Jiucheng General Aviation Corporation for one 407GX; with Guangdong Daohe General Aviation for one 407GX; with General Aviation Services of Hunan for two 407GXs and with Aerochine Aviation for two 407GX.

“The Bell 407GX also has multiple safety features that help the pilot focus on flying,” added Jaran. “For example, the helicopter terrain awareness and warning system monitors the terrain for the pilot and provides an alert if the pilot’s attention is required. The newest autopilot upgrade, announced just a few months ago, allows the pilot to maintain a stable hover pattern and to concentrate on other aspects of flying.”

In addition, a separate celebration was held for Hainan Sanya Yalong GA, who purchased two Bell 407GXs earlier this year. The first was delivered in August and the second will be delivered in March 2015.