FAA certifies floats for the Robinson R66


The US FAA has certified the Robinson Company’s float option for the Robinson R66 Turbine helicopter.

The float option is designated the R66 Turbine Marine and was granted last month. The R66 pop-out float option is similar to the R44 Clipper pop-out float option (in fact, the same float tubes are used) and like the Clipper, the R66 Turbine Marine offers an additional level of safety for over-water operations.

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The float option adds approximately 65 lb to the helicopter’s empty weight.

Primarily used in emergencies, the floats activate by a lever on the pilot’s collective and inflate within 2 to 3 seconds allowing the pilot to make an immediate water landing if necessary.

The R66 Turbine Marine is also approved for water takeoffs at reduced operating weights allowing for water operations training or limited amphibious use if desired.

Base price for the Robinson R66 Turbine Marine is $875,000.