Airbus Helicopters: one year on


Guillaume Faury, president of Airbus Helicopters in Paris (Credit: Lorette Fabre)

Guillaume Faury, president of Airbus Helicopters, gave a glowing assessment of the company at a press conference held a year after the company changed its name from Eurocopter.

The company has already managed many of the changes needed, according to Faury, and has achieved a number of milestones along the way too, including the first delivery of the new EC175, two upgraded versions of the EC135 and EC145 aircraft, the EC135 T3/P3 and the EC145 T2. Faury said that in 2014 the company had delivered 14 EC145 T2s.

However, Faury did admit that he was a little disappointed at the EC175 bookings. He continued by saying that deliveries will continue in 2015 backed by the industrial ramp-up and a plan to ensure the helicopter’s maturity.

Airbus Helicopters delivered 471 helicopters in 2014 (this includes civil, parapublic and military deliveries) and booked 402 net orders in the year; 52 per cent of the total deliveries were to civilian and parapublic operators in the year.

In 2015, at Heli-Expo 2015 in Orlando, Florida next month, the company will launch the new X4, releasing the new name for the helicopter and its designation. Faury confirmed that the first prototype began flying in November 2014.

“2015 should be a period of stabilisation across our industry,” said Faury. “In this context, Airbus Helicopters will continue its transformation, committed to working with our customers, offering them predictability and the right helicopters for their demanding missions.”

Looking at the 2014 highlights, there were strong commercial results for the EC145 family both civil and military versions. Another highlight was the entry into service of the EC175 in the oil and gas market in the North Sea with NHV.

In 2014, the company delivered 44 per cent of the civil and parapublic helicopter market in terms of delivered aircraft, which included strong deliveries of the EC225 (Faury also announced the EC225E helicopter which will be brought into service).

The company is seeing confidence returning in the EC225 helicopter after the challenges of the past years. He also said that six Ec225 C1es were delivered during the year.

Airbus Helicopters introduced cockpit recorders in 2014, and this innovation will continue to be incorporated into aircraft across the Airbus Helicopters product range. It is the company’s intention to fit cockpit recorders in all medium and heavy Airbus Helicopters.

“2015 will mark the second step in our company’s transformation, during which we will amplify our actions in executing faster and better, becoming more competitive, making our customers’ missions ours in every way, embracing change as a permanent asset, and performing with a purpose,” Faury added. “In the coming year, our goal is to provide what matters to our customers – when it matters the most.”

You can watch another video from Airbus Helicopters below: