Erickson wins Philippines dam contract


Sikorsky S-64 Aircrane

Erickson has secured a contract with Cavite Ideal International Construction and Development Corporation (Cavdeal) and Asia Aircraft Overseas Philippines (AAOP) to provide heavy-lift aviation services in support of the Angat Dam project in the Norzagaray Municipality in Bulacan Province, Central Luzon Island, Philippines.

The heavy-lift work is expected to occur in the second quarter of 2015.

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Jeff Roberts, CEOand president of Erickson, said: “This project is a good fit for us, as we are known for our unique capabilities and experience with precision external load operations, including the transportation and placement of unwieldy materials across difficult terrain in hard to reach locations.”

“Asia is a burgeoning global market and we are positioned to grow our presence in the region.”

“Asia is a burgeoning global market, and we’re glad to bring the skills and experience of our pilots and crews to this important infrastructure project,” added Roberts. “We are positioned to grow our presence in the region.”

This agreement guarantees the use of an S-64E Aircrane in support of a crucial water diversion project, which will ensure water is accessible to hydro-electric facilities supporting Manila and the surrounding rural area.

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